Ultimate ways to cope with stress

Stress is a pretty standard part of everyday life. From the time you jump out of bed in the morning until the moment you fall exhausted into bed in the evening, it seems like you can’t escape stress. The fast pace of modern life can lead to some pretty severe stress, which in turn can lead to all sorts of health problems.
Nearly EVERY health problems list stress as a risk factor! #stress. Your body suffers under the burden of stress, but it’s your immune system that takes a beating. Read on to find out the effects of stress on the immune system–the results might shock you!


With stress being a constant in life, it’s important to understand just how much of an effect it can have on your body.The results below may surprise you, but hopefully, you will realize how vital it is for you to keep your stress in check once you see what stress can do to you!
Stress Management Techniques

How Your Body Reacts to Stress

  • When you encounter something stressful, your hypothalamus (a small portion of your brain located near the base of your skull) reacts. It triggers a sort of alarm system, causing your adrenal glands (located near your kidneys) to flood your body with hormones. These hormones include cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Adrenaline is the hormone that prepares for a “fight or flight”. It elevates your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, and gives you a surge of energy. Cortisol, on the other hand, increases the level of glucose in your blood, ensures you have more nutrients available to repair tissue, and enhances your brain’s ability to burn glucose for energy.
  • The result is a quick-thinking, quick-acting body that can handle whatever triggered the stress response. However, in the release of these energy-boosting hormones, other bodily functions are suppressed. During these moments of stress, your reproductive, digestive, growth, and immune systems are all compromised.
  • Now, what happens when the pressure doesn’t end? This response is triggered when you feel threatened. (such as by a dog or a speeding car), but what if the stress persists? That’s when the problems set in!

How Stress Affects Your Health

Your body is designed to release cortisol and adrenaline when it is afraid, but it can only keep up the pace for so long. After too long under stress, it begins to go haywire. Usually, your hormone levels return to their normal state, but long-term stress can keep that “fight or flight” reaction on AT ALL TIMES!
If you are exposed to stress over the long term, you will find that the constant elevation of adrenaline and cortisol in your body can severely suppress all of the other critical bodily functions. The disruption of your normal inner workings can lead to a wide range of health issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Anxiety – Nervous tension, worry and stress all go hand in hand!
  • Weight gain/loss — Stress suppresses your digestive system, making it harder for you to absorb the food you eat properly. Long-term stress can lead to weight loss for some, while others suffer from weight gain thanks to emotional eating problems developed as a result of the stress.
  • Depression — Your mood is controlled by a delicate balance of hormones and neurochemicals. When there is too much of one hormone (cortisol), the others can be thrown out of whack–leading to the imbalances in the brain responsible for depression.
  • Heart disease — Remember how stress elevates your blood pressure? Sustained high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, not the least of which is a heart attack and stroke.
  • Digestive problems — With your digestive system suppressed, it should come as no surprise that it’s much harder to break down and absorb food properly. IBS, ulcers, and other digestive problems are often the result of long-term stress!
  • Sleep problems — High levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body can make it very difficult to sleep. The resulting fatigue only makes you feel more stressed–a vicious downward spiral that will make you more tired and stressed!
  • Mental impairment — Long term stress can reduce overall brain activity, as the “fight or flight” response activates certain parts of your brain while shutting down others. You may find your memory and concentration impaired thanks to the stress.

These are just the immediate effects of stress, and the truth is that stress can lead to all sorts of severe health problems. The fact that your immune system is compromised means that your body is unable to defend itself, leaving it vulnerable to attacks by pathogens. It’s all but guaranteed that you will end up sick!

How to deal with stress

How to Deal with Stress

If you want to live a healthy life, you must find a way to deal with stress appropriately. That means managing and reducing it, not merely continuing to work under the burden of stress.

Some ways to deal with the stressors in your life:

  • Identify stressors
  • Not everything that requires hard work leads to stress. It may be a coworker, boss, or work situation, or it may be something at home. Find what triggers your body’s innate stress response, and try to figure out how you can change your natural reaction to the stressor.
  • Laugh more
  • Studies have proven that laughter can deal with stress effectively. If you feel yourself coming under the pressure of stress, take a break to laugh! Watch a sitcom, read some jokes, or enjoy a funny YouTube video.
  • The more you laugh, the easier it will be to deal with the stress
  • Relaxation/meditation techniques
  • Meditation- an art that has been around for centuries, and it is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. Naturally calming your body and clearing your mind can help you to come to terms with all the stress in your life.
  • There are dozens of meditation and relaxation techniques to try!
  • Create friendships
  • Having a friend to talk to in time of stress can help to alleviate the tension and anxiety, and you’ll find that a good friendship is one of the best ways to cope with stress.
  • Socializing with others can prevent depression, anxiety, and emotional problems from getting out of control.
  • Live a healthy life
  • It’s essential for you to eat right, as that will ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Exercise is another important way to stay healthy, as it will help to boost your immune system back to full function.
  • Avoid nicotine and alcohol (in excess), and try to limit your caffeine intake. All of these things will only make your stress worse!

If you find yourself under a constant load of stress, your immune system is going to take a pounding. Stress and the immune system mix like oil and water, so it’s best to find ways to deal with the stress in your life.
Get rid of stress and keep your body healthy!

Google plus shutting down on April 2

As its confirmed, Google plus shutting down on the 2nd of April, 2019 for consumers. That is very sad to know, We would not be able to use it anymore to share our content. The reasons Google plus shutting down are low usage by consumers and big challenges of running a product successfully. As mentioned by Google, There will be no more new profile creations after 4th of February, 2019.

Google+ shutting down
Say bye to google plus , freepik


Your existing profile (photos and videos) data will start getting deleted after April 2,2019. Google also asked the users to download their photos and video data as soon as possible. To download the following data, Users can click this link and create an archive of data. Users can also choose what to include in their archives. Database of consumers’ accounts will start getting deleted after 2nd of April. The process will take few months to complete. Through this time Users will still be seeing their some posts via Activity logs and Google suite.

Steps to download Google Plus specific data

  • First go to myaccount.google.com
Google plus shutting down
Step 1
  • Select an option “Data & personalization” from the left side as displayed on the image.
Google plus shutting down
Step 2
  • Scroll down the page and select an option “Download your data” under Download, delete, or make a plan for your data.
Google + shutting down
Step 3
  • After clicking download your data. Then you will see the new page as shown in the above image
  • It will show different products of google, so you can select the data to include
Google + shutting down
step 4
  • Select data accordingly to create an archive

If you want to download Google plus page content, You should click on this link and follow the steps from there:

Note: You can download and export your Google plus data, including your Google plus Communities, Circles, Streams, and +1’s. and It will not delete your Google plus profile after downloading your Google plus data. – WhatsInMyBag

5 Main Home remedies for toddlers

I am very allergic to seasonal flu and my kids have got this from me. I always feel that almost every toddler is prone to influenza, Which often occurs with high fever and results in irritation and lethargy. Therefore every time my kids get it, I turn myself to DIYs and home remedies. And over these years I have seen that there are certain things which work for my kids. I apply Vick’s vaporub on their chest, neck and upper back. They are able to sleep properly. On the other hand,  I make mustard oil mixed with a few cloves and carom seeds. Burn the oil and let it cool down. Strain it if you want to. I don’t. Then use the oil  to massage their chest and back. As a result, It works nicely for them.

Kids during coughing pukes sometimes.  I occasionally give a medicine of digestion so that they don’t puke of gastric. –  I apply Vick’s on their feet and make them wear socks to be warm all night. Besides, there are various other home remedies.


Crush 4-5 almonds  and put them in 1 cup boiling water. Add carom seeds in it. Reduce it to half. Let it cool down to lukewarm and add 1-2 spoons of honey. Make it like syrup and give it 4-5 times with warm water.

Home Remedy for toddlers
Ginger boiled water with honey , Image by Freepik

Take some crushed ginger and take out its juice. And then Mix it with water and boil it. The mixed liquid has to be just 2-3 spoons. Once it comes to room temperature, add honey to it according to taste. Give it to your young one 2-3 times a day and just 1/4th spoon

Give your kid plenty of water and avoid any type of junk food during that time and fruits like apple and pomegranate. Avoid citrus fruits and created drinks

You may also want to check fitness tips to stay healthy.

Healthy diet plan with steady results

A healthy mind and a healthy soul are two very related terms in context to our bodies. If taken literary, It presents the connection of the healthy lifestyle we live in and also how are we taking our body as.

With the growing awareness of putting your interest in keeping your health, well it had become very easy to know different ways.

Whether you want to know if you want to eat healthy, or you want to know about keeping calm and practice yoga 

Meditation just to uplift your inner self and relax your mind and body. Or you want to improve your metabolism.You simply want to improve your overall health. So the things is it’s quite easy to know what all can be done.

But I guess after that the difficult part starts where you need to actually work on your health. Knowing all the tricks and ways won’t help unless you put them to use.

Healthy diet plan
Healthy diet plan, Image by freepik

Healthy diet in action

Even if you want to go for a healthy diet, you need to realise if you want to lose weight or want to be healthy.

A simple effort of walking regularly also starts bringing massive change with time.

Huge change in diet does bring quick difference,

But there are the chances of cheat diet or sticking to the chart becomes very difficult.

and you tend to loose on it very quickly.

So here the words perfectly apply “Slow and steady wins the race”. Go slow but stick to the plan and achieve the goal. Sticking to the plan is as important as achieving it.

And if you go slow you will see visible and steady results which will not include sagging of skin and muscles or lethargy or over tired.

But when you go for quick results all the latter issues come up

and you feel you can do it and often leave the workouts or diets.

10 main benefits of walking and swimming

Walking – One of the best natural exercises for the human body, It does not only help in staying fit, but also in Improving cholesterol level of the body. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is believed to be the best natural exercise of making the bones strong and increasing the heart and lung fitness. Diabetes and hypertension conditions can be Improved by walking. If you cannot walk for 30 minutes, then do it for 15 minutes as we all know “THE MORE THE MERRIER” but do not follow this thing if you are 40+. I suggest you to consult your doctor to follow such advice before going on any routine. It helps in cutting down the extra body fat (Belly fat). Follow the walking routine for at least 30 days and see the result yourself.

More key benefits of walking

  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Bring positiveness in life
  • Cheers up the mood
  • Control the type 2 diabetes

You can also download the MapMyWalk walking app to track your real-time fitness.

Woman is walking on the road
Woman walking on a road , Image by Freepik

Tips to keep type 2 diabetes in control

Diabetes basically needs a discipline in life to get managed. Discipline in lifestyle and in food intake can certainly help you to manage with type 2 diabetes, If you follow a routine to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack at the same time everyday than managing healthy life with type 2 diabetes is a cakewalk. According to the statistics of diabetes.org , 30 million people have diabetes

Tips to control type 2 diabetes

No fried food

Fried food is not good for anyone.  Diabetics should consider it as equivalent to poison. Fried food creates a huge spike in blood sugar level, which further disturb whole day or more to get the back on track. So, don’t take fried food at all, irrespective of how tempting it is.

Count carbs in meal

Yes, you need to have a clever look towards what you are eating. Simply know the carbohydrate content of each portion of food you are eating and keep them counting… try not to exceed 30 per meal and try reducing it by substituting them with green veggies or protein items. THUMB RULE is lesser the carb, better the control.

type 2 diabetes check
Hand holding a blood glucose meter measuring blood sugar, the background is a stethoscope and chart file

Don’t eat food with a high Glycemic index.

Try to read about GI about everything you eat. Food which causes a spike in blood glucose level are given high number. Try to choose between the food items with less than 30 GI.

Regular exercise regime.

Get into habit to do a regular exercise. Don’t give excuses, just get up and walk. Because a simple walk for 15 mins after meals can help to deal with fluctuations. So get into a regular routine which you can do EVERY DAY. It will certainly get superb results.

Regular Check up.

Keep checking your sugar level. Keep a close look to see effect of food items on your body. Every food shows a different result on everybody. Portion and time you eat it will not show you the same result.

5 tips to stay away from the thyroid problems

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland in the neck controlling the  speed of metabolism by producing hormones. It is responsible for regulating growth and development in the body. It secretes two hormones free T3 and free T4 in the body. One must try to keep the values of TSH, free T3 and free T4 within range. According to American Thyroid Association, 12 percent of US Population develops thyroid conditions during their lifetime

How to recognise thyroid problems?
Try to figure out changes in your body don’t ignore if the following symptoms persist:

1. Unnecessary weight gain, Unusual weight gain might be due to imbalance thyroid hormones.
2. If constipation persists for no understandable reason
3. Muscle weakness ,If you feel weak for no reason then it might be due to thyroid imbalance.
4. Depression ,Mood swings and unusual feeling of depression also among the major symptoms.
5. Feeling too cold or too hot and others have not been feeling the same for many days can be due to hormonal imbalances.
If the above problem persists, then must visit your doctor and start the proper medicine.

Youth masking up with Cosmetics

Youth is losing its essence

Where youth has now become more confident with time, It has started a race to appear more self-assured than what they actually are. And the wonders are done with the increasing availability of more and more make up ranges. Earlier kids were dependent on their parents for shopping. But now easy online shopping has opened them to the masking with color trend. The more you know how to cover yourself with face paint, the more you are accepted in the society.

Youth culture
Youth Culture , Image by rawpixel

Stress managing tips for the healthy mind

Stress Management

Stress a deadly word  we face every day in either of our personal or professional life. It’s very important for each one to create a strong mechanism to deal with it, Because It affects our state of mind. According to the results of the Mental Health Foundation’s study – 74% of people have felt  stressed they have been submerged or unable to get by.

Stress at work
Stressful Situation, Image by rawpixel

Fitness tips to stay healthy and in good body shape

Fitness is very much important for everyone. Most of the people want to get in proper body shape these days, I have come up with some fitness tips to stay healthy and maintain a good body posture.

Drinking water routine

  • After waking up in the morning, Drink one glass of water in an empty stomach to freshen yourself up, It is very much beneficial for the body and one of the greatest secrets behind glowing skin as we know it’s helpful in removing toxins from the blood.
  • One glass of water before a meal to dilute digestive juices and just before a shower to lower blood pressure
  • Drinking water in the morning also helps in losing body weight and in the creation of new muscle and blood cells.
  • Drink 16 to 21 ounces of water 1 to 2 hours before going for exercise, 8 ounces of water before 20-30 minutes of workout or during your warm ups and 9 ounces of water after finishing a workout.

Man drinking water
Man drinking a big glass of water, Image by freepik