What is wrong with our food in today’s world?


Twenty first century is a new era of modernization. Advancement has touched not only to comforts of living, but a lot of the comforts of our tongue. Think of any food item and its available on the racks of your nearby ‘sophisticated’ grocery store. Today, your refrigerator has many more brands than the wardrobe. Every eatable is available beyond the boundaries of a nation or season. With the grace of chemical goods, everything can be eaten round the clock in the kitchen.

Chemical goods
Hands holding junk food, Image by rawpixel

A man has broken all the rules of nature. The way health is deteriorating day by day, I wonder who is getting intolerant, WE or NATURE. Despite of technological advancement of medical facilities, undoubtedly we have been able to increase the life expectancy, but the way diseases are grabbing our youngsters is a loud alarm to check ” what is wrong with our food?”

Our dependence on junk food, cravings of eating out, easy availability of a large number of varieties of snack has changed the thinking of eating food. Now, we eat to satisfy our cravings more than hunger. Taste and presentation have overcome the ingredients.

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