Tips to avoid eating junk food and know how to replace it

Junk food party always comes with a huge smile, a giggle from the heart and why not, that moment with pizza gives you a wondrous treat to the brain cells. Taste buds dazzle with pleasure. Rocking time for saliva to give a magnificent signal to the brain to register the experience for a long time.

Though we know that it is not gonna benefit the body in the same way. So the problem comes when your heart and mind both wants to connect with the same point of eating ‘healthy’ at party times or at outings. Health and outings are very much possible, you just need to change the way to look at the things.

Rules to avoid junk food while have the feeling of eating out.

Choose the right eating joint

Try to visit the place which promotes healthy food, for e.g. now a days many restaurants are coming up fit-meals or organic diet plans where you can have aura to keep yourself away from the temptation to eat out.

Choose right food

Choose the items which are rich in protein and the ingredients used to prepare the food have less of processed items.

Try to eat seasonal items

Our body is designed to have seasonal food to fight from the ongoing temperature. Needs of the body vary in summer, winter or rainy season. So try to stuff your body with relevant seasonal food items.

More you eat junk, then you will crave for it

If you have decided to be healthy, don’t get into the vicious circle to taste it.. then crave it. Junk food has lots to do with craving, but you keep your eyes, tongue and mind away from it; you won’t get the craving to eat it. So, follow the rule ‘Out of sight – Out of mind’.

Stop eating junk food
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Quick tips to replace junk food:

1. Replace Potato with cauliflower.

Mashed potato, french fries and many items cooked using high carb potato can easily and very deliciously be replaced by CAULIFLOWER.

2. White rice with quinoa/cauliflower rice

Replace white rice with many other quick and rich protein options E.g Grated cauliflower works best with kids. Quinoa has rich and easy option. Flax seeds/millet/ buckwheat all are healthier ways to keep yourself away from white rice.

3. White Bread with other flours

Replace High carb and gluten filled wheat flour  with a combination of many other flours like coconut flour, almond flour, Chia seeds, gram flour, buckwheat flour. These are quite good for both taste and health.

More tips for healthy food :

  • French fries with finger sticks of cottage cheese/ mashed cauliflower.
  • Buns in Burger can be taken away with lettuce leaves. Which isn’t enhancing the nutritional value, but tastes also.
  • Rather than cold drinks, look for fresh fruit juices or lime water.
  • Replace white chocolates with dark chocolates
  • Rather than filling up body with high sugary cakes/pastries, look for options to eat fruit base items.  Substitute cake flour with low carb flour

So, try to make our outings a relaxing time for both mind and body. Try eating light and good food rather than over eating and putting pressure on your internal organs to digest the “trash” of the food.

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