How does junk food affect our body?

Long ago in 1893, two brothers named Frederick and Louis Rueckheim made a mouth watering mixture of popcorn, peanut and molasses which became an instant hit at Chicago’s world fair. Hence the world was gifted with its first Junk Food item. In the next 20 years, Cracker Jack became first best selling sweet in the world. By 1900 Hershey’s invented “Chocolate Bar”. This way world took a route of new instant food which is now termed as processed food.

Any food item rich in saturated and trans fats with a minimum value of nutrition which gives you “top of the world” feeling and generates craving to eat it again and again is actually a JUNK FOOD .

How does it affect our body?

Any food which is low in nutrition is not able to produce sufficient energy to make each organ work properly. Slowly, the body gets starved of required vitamins, minerals and proteins. This starvation of essential nutrients gradually creates various malfunctioning of organs which eventually lead to diseases. It can be both mental and physical. So, it’s very important to keep a check over the nutritional value of every food we eat.

Junk food, Image by Freepik

What makes us eat processed food so often?

It’s the flavour in food which changes the impulse centre in mind and causes cravings. The perfect combination of salt, sugar and fat excites our brain to register the feeling of pleasure and makes us eat it repeatedly.

Why do we tempt to eat Junk?

1. Strong Variations

Combination of different feeling in same food, makes it attractive for mind to try it “at least once”.

2. Melt in the mouth

Any food which instantly melts in mouth signals your brain that it’s not “enough”, despite having high calories. Sometimes, it’s enough for the body, but not for mind and brain signals for more. Calorie density is designed in these foods in such a way that despite you know it’s not having any nutritional value, but brain signal to eat it.

3. Particular sensory response

Our brain needs lots of variations in everything, same as food. Mind loses interest if we eat same food everyday. Junk food intentionally defies this response and excited mind every time you eat it.

4. Reaction of saliva

The pleasurable feeling of eating food is recorded in the mind. If any food salivate in the mouth means longer the eatable remains in the mouth and covers the taste buds signals the brain to eat it repeatedly.

Basic culprit of processed food is hidden behind “added flavors”. Beware of the psychobiology of junk food, if you want to get rid of it.

Temptation for junk
Addicted to junk food and snacks, Image by rawpixel

How to get rid of junk food?

Firstly don’t buy it. The more you avoid it, It will avoid our mind too.

Secondly train your mind to look for healthier options at the time of craving, and feed nutrition to body rather than satisfying the craving of the mind.

In addition, Eat lot of variety like new fruits, new cereals, new veggie and new dishes out of healthy ingredients.

Moreover, Add new spices to get varied eating experience.

Lastly, experiment with your healthy food to get the pleasurable feelings created by unhealthy food.

On the other hand, if you are aware of how junk plays with your mind and body, then you can easily train your mind to get rid of the problems which are generated just because you don’t know how to eat right.

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