What is cholesterol and why is it present in the body?

Cholesterol: It isn’t as scary as it sounds.

For a common man, It is one scariest word of blood report, directly linked to heart ailments. Many people take this word as a synonym to heart attack.

In this blog post, we are just trying to simplify it in very layman terms and knowing them what exactly it is. Stressing your mind and soul about, just have a look before getting ‘scared’.

What exactly it means?

It is a type of fat (a natural oily substance which is present in everybody deposited as a layer under the skin or organs). It is produced by the liver and the food (Meat, egg, fish and dairy products).

Why cholesterol even present in our body?

Obviously not to make you fat. It supports the production of hormones. along with production of Vitamin D, when sunlight meets skin. Supports cell membrane (a liquid which acts like a wall to separate the internal structure of cell from outside environment). Most importantly, It helps the bile production, required by the liver to help the digestion process in the small intestine. Liver and intestine together makes 80% of total production whereas 20% comes from outside food.

Bad cholesterol
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What are other culprits “bad or good cholesterol”?

Bad cholesterol” = LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) It delivers them to the liver’s tissue and makes the fatty cover outside the tissue.

Good cholesterol” = HDL (high Density Lipoprotein) It removes the cholesterol from the circulation and return it back to the liver for excretion.

After knowing this basic, we need to focus on the recent studies who promotes the fact that 80% of people died of heart attack, had normal values of total cholesterol. so It cannot be taken as  “culprit” of causing heart ailments alone.

Don’t fear cholesterol, healthy dietary options can easily manage them. Conclusion is:

  • Saturated fats are not bad for health. Culprit is refined carbohydrates.
  • Sources of Saturated Fats: Butter, Ghee, meat, egg, fish other animal products.
  • Culprit of refined carbohydrates: white flour and bread, white rice, pastries, soda, sweets, breakfast cereals and added sugars.

These are very low in nutrition and add to “bad cholesterol”. So we must avoid all processed food to maintain good health. Eat for body, Not for eyes and tongue.

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