Diabetes- Ways to avoid hyperglycemia

Now a day, Diabetes has become as common as headache. Basically, Diabetes is the inefficiency of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone which regulates sugar into the bloodstream. It transfers the sugar from the blood and deliver it into the muscles, liver and fat tissues which is then used as fuel or stored in the body for later use.If you do not have enough insulin, sugar accumulates in your bloodstream and you have “Diabetes”

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Types of Diabetes

Type 2: Inefficiency of the pancreas to produce enough insulin Type 2 people generally take oral medicine to fulfill their insulin needs. In very rare case even insulin needs to be injected through injections.

Type 1: It is an autoimmune problem where the pancreas stop completely producing insulin, Generally happens with young age, Type 1 people need to inject insulin, Every time before they eat and one long activating to keep the organs moving throughout the day.

In this Article, we will be discussing about Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia.

Hyperglycemia is the condition for diabetics with High blood sugar. It means when sugar is more in the bloodstream than the insulin can process.

Why Hyperglycemia occurs? 

It happens majorly because of two reasons:

  • Intake of high carbohydrate food
  • when the body doesn’t have enough insulin to process carbs.

Tips to avoid Hyperglycemia

  • Try to eat healthy carb in smaller quantities and keep a regular regime of insulin intakes.
  • To avoid this condition see your timings of food intake and blood sugar value.
  • Control the portion size of food
  • Break the meal in 5-6 small meals rather than eating healthy at a single meal.
  • Keep a check on amount of Carbohydrates your meal has.
  • Try not to eat above 30-45 carbs.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight and physical activity regime.
  • Either get engaged yourself in the sport or regular exercises
  • Plan your meals having food items with lower glycemic index,
  • To avoid spikes, Include more green veggies and whole grains.

The more disciplined you are, the more your body will help you to accommodate with difficult situations.

Hypoglycemia is the condition when the body doesn’t have enough sugar to process into energy for running all the organs properly.

Why Hypoglycemia occurs?

Generally it happens because of following reasons:

  • Long fasting/ intervals between meals.
  • Excessive physical activity

Tips to avoid Hypoglycemia

  • Eat meals or snacks at proper intervals to get enough fuel for the body.
  • Eat adequately before engaging in heavy physical activity.
  • Try keeping sugar levels generally between 70-150 and majorly near 100s to avoid long term complications due to Diabetes.
  • Keep checking your glucose level regularly and HB1AC at regular intervals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Never skip your meals. Eat right and don’t keep big gap between the meals.
  • Long gap or fasting can lead to severe Hypoglycemia.
  • Try to avoid beverage with caffeine.


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