Stress managing tips for the healthy mind

Stress Management

Stress a deadly word  we face every day in either of our personal or professional life. It’s very important for each one to create a strong mechanism to deal with it, Because It affects our state of mind. According to the results of the Mental Health Foundation’s study – 74% of people have felt  stressed they have been submerged or unable to get by.

Stress at work
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Some quick and easy tips to reduce stress:

  • Rise above the situation and see the larger picture. As Everything happens for a reason, so try to think positive, learn from the situation, calm your mind and try to see a larger picture of life and don’t let the mind get disturbed by petty things.
  • Try to see some motivational video. Internet era can be used widely to fill in your mood with positivity by watching good motivational video on a very quick note.
  • List some solutions on paper and come out with a plan.Every situation has a way out. Just take a paper and pen, write down your problem and search for a plan to come out.
  • Accept the things beyond your control. Because there are some situations which are just out of control and needs to be accepted. Accept those and just move on.
  • Take a break to relax. Messy situations, some time just need a break and move back with a new and fresh perspective.
  • Express your feelings. Some feelings just need to be expressed and show them in front of trusted person or  in front of a mirror. Sometimes this simple act of expression just does wonders to solve the problem.
  • Set reasonable expectation. Although Everybody’s life and situations are different. Each one of us has our own limitations. So try to set reasonable expectations as per your strengths and situations.
  • Stop comparing your life with anyone.  It’s your story and you are the hero of your story.

Have a set of people to talk. Moreover invest in good friends with whom you can share your problems. Sometime while just telling your problem takes you to the desired solution.- WhatsInMyBag

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