Youth masking up with Cosmetics

Youth is losing its essence

Where youth has now become more confident with time, It has started a race to appear more self-assured than what they actually are. And the wonders are done with the increasing availability of more and more make up ranges. Earlier kids were dependent on their parents for shopping. But now easy online shopping has opened them to the masking with color trend. The more you know how to cover yourself with face paint, the more you are accepted in the society.

Youth culture
Youth Culture , Image by rawpixel

Now it’s not about how much brains you put into your studies or interviews or how much soul you put in your jobs, it is about how trendy and modern you look. You should be more presentable and comparatively less brainy. Youth is losing its essence in it. It is relying on becoming plastic and not on their talent. They need to decide their take on how much doll like they have to look. And dolls don’t have brains. When they can use their knowledge and do exceptionally well in their careers they are focusing on being more in sync with the fashion trends.

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