Tips to keep type 2 diabetes in control

Diabetes basically needs a discipline in life to get managed. Discipline in lifestyle and in food intake can certainly help you to manage with type 2 diabetes, If you follow a routine to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack at the same time everyday than managing healthy life with type 2 diabetes is a cakewalk. According to the statistics of , 30 million people have diabetes

Tips to control type 2 diabetes

No fried food

Fried food is not good for anyone.  Diabetics should consider it as equivalent to poison. Fried food creates a huge spike in blood sugar level, which further disturb whole day or more to get the back on track. So, don’t take fried food at all, irrespective of how tempting it is.

Count carbs in meal

Yes, you need to have a clever look towards what you are eating. Simply know the carbohydrate content of each portion of food you are eating and keep them counting… try not to exceed 30 per meal and try reducing it by substituting them with green veggies or protein items. THUMB RULE is lesser the carb, better the control.

type 2 diabetes check
Hand holding a blood glucose meter measuring blood sugar, the background is a stethoscope and chart file

Don’t eat food with a high Glycemic index.

Try to read about GI about everything you eat. Food which causes a spike in blood glucose level are given high number. Try to choose between the food items with less than 30 GI.

Regular exercise regime.

Get into habit to do a regular exercise. Don’t give excuses, just get up and walk. Because a simple walk for 15 mins after meals can help to deal with fluctuations. So get into a regular routine which you can do EVERY DAY. It will certainly get superb results.

Regular Check up.

Keep checking your sugar level. Keep a close look to see effect of food items on your body. Every food shows a different result on everybody. Portion and time you eat it will not show you the same result.

For example A glass of milk will not cause same spike in the morning or evening or even afternoon. So you need to study your body how every food reacts to your own body.

Find an alternative

Try to replace all high carb food items with low or moderate carb food. Because It really helps.

Keep yourself motivated.

If you are mentally prepared to take up the challenge then the half battle is already won.

Keep yourself in high spirits and follow the above  basic rules.  Believe me managing diabetes is very easy. All you need is motivated and disciplined version of yourself.

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