10 main benefits of walking and swimming

Walking – One of the best natural exercises for the human body, It does not only help in staying fit, but also in Improving cholesterol level of the body. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is believed to be the best natural exercise of making the bones strong and increasing the heart and lung fitness. Diabetes and hypertension conditions can be Improved by walking. If you cannot walk for 30 minutes, then do it for 15 minutes as we all know “THE MORE THE MERRIER” but do not follow this thing if you are 40+. I suggest you to consult your doctor to follow such advice before going on any routine. It helps in cutting down the extra body fat (Belly fat). Follow the walking routine for at least 30 days and see the result yourself.

More key benefits of walking

  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Bring positiveness in life
  • Cheers up the mood
  • Control the type 2 diabetes

You can also download the MapMyWalk walking app to track your real-time fitness.

Woman is walking on the road
Woman walking on a road , Image by Freepik

Swimming is second best natural exercise for staying fit. It helps in building strength, maintaining the healthy weight and overall fitness for the body. It is beneficial for toning the body muscles and controlling the heart rate. Also known as one of the greatest stress busters of all time. Before you plan to do swimming. You must know how to swim, Warm up the body before starting out the swimming and don’t go for long if you are just a beginner. Choosing a safe and favorable environment for this is mandatory.

More benefits of Swimming

  • Improves the flexibility, coordination and posture
  • Helps to control the body temperature on a very hot day
  • Builds cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduce the work stress
Swimming is being done by a guy
guy doing swimming, Image by freepik

Best Swimming tracker for you to track down the daily swim activity hours.

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