5 Main Home remedies for toddlers

I am very allergic to seasonal flu and my kids have got this from me. I always feel that almost every toddler is prone to influenza, Which often occurs with high fever and results in irritation and lethargy. Therefore every time my kids get it, I turn myself to DIYs and home remedies. And over these years I have seen that there are certain things which work for my kids. I apply Vick’s vaporub on their chest, neck and upper back. They are able to sleep properly. On the other hand,  I make mustard oil mixed with a few cloves and carom seeds. Burn the oil and let it cool down. Strain it if you want to. I don’t. Then use the oil  to massage their chest and back. As a result, It works nicely for them.

Kids during coughing pukes sometimes.  I occasionally give a medicine of digestion so that they don’t puke of gastric. –  I apply Vick’s on their feet and make them wear socks to be warm all night. Besides, there are various other home remedies.


Crush 4-5 almonds  and put them in 1 cup boiling water. Add carom seeds in it. Reduce it to half. Let it cool down to lukewarm and add 1-2 spoons of honey. Make it like syrup and give it 4-5 times with warm water.

Home Remedy for toddlers
Ginger boiled water with honey , Image by Freepik

Take some crushed ginger and take out its juice. And then Mix it with water and boil it. The mixed liquid has to be just 2-3 spoons. Once it comes to room temperature, add honey to it according to taste. Give it to your young one 2-3 times a day and just 1/4th spoon

Give your kid plenty of water and avoid any type of junk food during that time and fruits like apple and pomegranate. Avoid citrus fruits and created drinks

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