Diabetes types and their treatments

Different Diabetes types

Type 1 diabetes
It’s a chronic condition where the pancreas makes very little or no insulin at all. Generally diagnosed at a young age. It’s an autoimmune disorder and causes are still Unknown.
Treatment: Insulin shots

Type 2 diabetes

It’s also a chronic condition where the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. Generally happens to older age people, but now age limit has gone down to even 30. Its causes are Excessive weight, Stress, Lifestyle problem and many more
Treatment: Generally blood glucose level is kept under control by taking medicine and regular exercise
Type 1.5 Diabetes
It’s an unofficial term used for Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adult (LADA), and usually detected after 30 years of age. It’s the condition where the pancreas initially produces insulin, but eventually go into type 1 condition. Its causes are not known.
Treatment: As per advice of Endocrinologist
Type 3 Diabetes
It’s a proposed term for Alzheimer’s disease resulting from insulin resistance in the brain. If untreated, can cause damage to blood vessels. It is one of the serious diabetes types and symptoms are Memory Loss, Difficulties in doing familiar tasks, Sudden change in personality.
Treatment: Physician advice as per the observation.
Diabetes types
Checking the diabetes
Type 4 Diabetes
Generally it is related to lean and thin elderly people. and basic research is going on this problem.
Type 5 diabetes
MODY: Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young. It happens due to some unknown change in only one gene and passed from one generation to another. It can occur in both kids and adults. Symptoms can be persistent high sugar levels.
Treatment: Consult Endocrinologist

Some more diabetes types

Gestational Diabetes

It’s diagnosed in pregnant women and resolved after the birth. Its causes are placenta makes hormones and  increases blood sugar levels and might occur to pre diabetic but there are many other several reasons which can lead to gestational diabetes.
Treatment: keep a close look on blood sugar levels and take regular insulin shots.
Neonatal diabetes mellitus
It’s a rare problem in infants when their pancreas doesn’t make insulin. It can be permanent or transient. If the infant has a transient problem, curable after 6 months. but If it’s permanent, follow the regime of type 1 diabetes.
Diabetes Individual
It’s NOT a form of diabetes. But It occurs when the kidneys are not able to conserve water, and shows symptoms of diabetes like urination and thirst, But actually one does not have diabetes.
Treatment: Successfully treated.
Secondary Diabetes
It results as a consequence of another medical condition and significantly managed depending on which condition has caused it.
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