Firefox Monitor – Email Data breach Alert?

Firefox Monitor is a new tool developed by Mozilla Firefox made it easier to find out if your email address and the data associated with it, was part of a data breach or not. It shows the two results- One is good and other one is obviously bad. If you are lucky enough and your email address does not show in a data breach database. Then you do not have to worry at that moment. Result shown for no data breach

Firefox Monitor Data breach check
Firefox monitor result

But you should take more steps to secure the account. Most companies like Google, Yahoo offers the two way authentication process. Either with your phone number or the app like “Google Authenticator app”. This way you will get an OTP “One time password” on your registered phone number or you can get the code from the authenticator app to unlock and access your account. These facilities also let you copy the backup codes in case you do not have access to your phone number or have no network bars, then you can just use the one back up code to get into your account.

On the other hand- If your email address shows in a data breach database result shown by Firefox Monitor with the heading like “Your Information was part of a data breach”.

Data breach firefox monitor
Data breach found

Then I am afraid It could be anything important stolen like credit card information, Financial Investments, Photos, Home ownership statuses, Phone numbers, Passwords, Bank information and many more things by the hacker. However you must take some steps to secure your account as soon as possible.

Firefox Monitor – possible things that can be part of a data breach


Personal Photographs

Debit Card/Credit Card Statements

IP Addresses

Physical Addresses


And the list will go on and on.

Reason why you should secure your email address with an extra layer of security

To protect the accounts data from the hackers trying to misuse it for illegal purposes. Do not fall victim to a data breach scandal, but take Initiative and protect your data. In the world of the Internet, Protecting the data from the online dark web world is crucial. That’s why companies like Google has come up with the extra mode of security features for the people all around the world.

Mozilla Firefox has taken the great step by developing the tool “Firefox Monitor” to let people know if they have been victims of a data breach. Therefore this is a bona fide request to all. Spread the words and safe your closed ones today.  

You can go check for your email address on here : Firefox Monitor Scan

Note: This article is not written for promotional purposes, but to guide and help the people to safeguard their potential data from the online threats.   

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