Unlock the Inner self with experiences

Learning with experiences 

Since the day one of our lives, we get to learn bitter or sweet. I am not talking about the taste buds. A baby learns to develop the taste buds only after he experiences something new. Same way when we go into something new, either we come out safe or injured. Both ways we get to learn. When we come out clean, we think of better ways to pull it. And when we are not successful, we get to think of where we went wrong. So both make us learn to do it better.

Life experiences
Life experiences

The experiences are very much important. Even after being successful, we realize that we could have done it in many other ways and many other possibilities. Different possibilities bring different results. Success always comes with trial and error. If you are open to new options you tend to develop much better ways to solve a problem. Often leading to many successful results

And even if you do not succeed, you learn from where you went wrong. Will the entire wrongs make you ultimately go for the right choice. Canceling all the negative options lead to one positive. Many time a particular thing appears to be very difficult, but when we try to solve it, comparatively is quite easy to get along. So experiencing a new situation can teach you to be brave enough to give it a shot before getting on any conclusion. We should never lose hope and keep on trying until the goal is achieved, Be determined always.

I can say is experience make you learn through it. Whether you learn to come out of it happy or you still have to find how to succeed in it.

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