Diabetes- Ways to avoid hyperglycemia

Now a day, Diabetes has become as common as headache. Basically, Diabetes is the inefficiency of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone which regulates sugar into the bloodstream. It transfers the sugar from the blood and deliver it into the muscles, liver and fat tissues which is then used as fuel or stored in the body for later use.If you do not have enough insulin, sugar accumulates in your bloodstream and you have “Diabetes”

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Types of Diabetes

Type 2: Inefficiency of the pancreas to produce enough insulin Type 2 people generally take oral medicine to fulfill their insulin needs. In very rare case even insulin needs to be injected through injections.

Type 1: It is an autoimmune problem where the pancreas stop completely producing insulin, Generally happens with young age, Type 1 people need to inject insulin, Every time before they eat and one long activating to keep the organs moving throughout the day.

How to control cholesterol level in our body

Alice uncle was a cardiologist, who died of a heart attack. She was very much shocked by his death and always kept a close check over her cholesterol level. Having knowledge of the basics, she always made sure that precautions are implemented not only read and forgotten.

Quick tips to keep a check over cholesterol level:

  1. Adequate weight: Overweight always leads to many problems.  The excessive weight of the body creates a lot many hindrances for the organs to work in the proper way.
  2. Proper exercise regime: Discipline in life in itself is a huge precaution. So follow at least for 5 days a week with the proper schedule for engaging in exercise.
  3. Food: Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Include Chia seeds, walnut, flax seeds, coconut oil in the daily diet.
  4. Reduce trans fats: Just limit the “packed” food, Diet reduces the trans fats automatically.
  5. Stress-free: Try to keep some “me” time in a day, to keep stress out of the body. Happy and stress free body itself reduces the chances to induce problems with it.
  6. Reduce intake of carbohydrates: Try a variety of food other than white flour or white rice. Try including barley, millets, oats, quinoa and other high-fiber food. And eating raw or boiled veggie in a smoothie or salad form helps you a lot to reduce intake of carbohydrates in food.

What is cholesterol and why is it present in the body?

Cholesterol: It isn’t as scary as it sounds.

For a common man, It is one scariest word of blood report, directly linked to heart ailments. Many people take this word as a synonym to heart attack.

In this blog post, we are just trying to simplify it in very layman terms and knowing them what exactly it is. Stressing your mind and soul about, just have a look before getting ‘scared’.

What exactly it means?

It is a type of fat (a natural oily substance which is present in everybody deposited as a layer under the skin or organs). It is produced by the liver and the food (Meat, egg, fish and dairy products).

How does junk food affect our body?

Long ago in 1893, two brothers named Frederick and Louis Rueckheim made a mouth watering mixture of popcorn, peanut and molasses which became an instant hit at Chicago’s world fair. Hence the world was gifted with its first Junk Food item. In the next 20 years, Cracker Jack became first best selling sweet in the world. By 1900 Hershey’s invented “Chocolate Bar”. This way world took a route of new instant food which is now termed as processed food.

Any food item rich in saturated and trans fats with a minimum value of nutrition which gives you “top of the world” feeling and generates craving to eat it again and again is actually a JUNK FOOD .

How does it affect our body?

Any food which is low in nutrition is not able to produce sufficient energy to make each organ work properly. Slowly, the body gets starved of required vitamins, minerals and proteins. This starvation of essential nutrients gradually creates various malfunctioning of organs which eventually lead to diseases. It can be both mental and physical. So, it’s very important to keep a check over the nutritional value of every food we eat.

Tips to avoid eating junk food and know how to replace it

Junk food party always comes with a huge smile, a giggle from the heart and why not, that moment with pizza gives you a wondrous treat to the brain cells. Taste buds dazzle with pleasure. Rocking time for saliva to give a magnificent signal to the brain to register the experience for a long time.

Though we know that it is not gonna benefit the body in the same way. So the problem comes when your heart and mind both wants to connect with the same point of eating ‘healthy’ at party times or at outings. Health and outings are very much possible, you just need to change the way to look at the things.

Rules to avoid junk food while have the feeling of eating out.

Choose the right eating joint

Try to visit the place which promotes healthy food, for e.g. now a days many restaurants are coming up fit-meals or organic diet plans where you can have aura to keep yourself away from the temptation to eat out.

Choose right food

Choose the items which are rich in protein and the ingredients used to prepare the food have less of processed items.

What is wrong with our food in today’s world?


Twenty first century is a new era of modernization. Advancement has touched not only to comforts of living, but a lot of the comforts of our tongue. Think of any food item and its available on the racks of your nearby ‘sophisticated’ grocery store. Today, your refrigerator has many more brands than the wardrobe. Every eatable is available beyond the boundaries of a nation or season. With the grace of chemical goods, everything can be eaten round the clock in the kitchen.

Chemical goods
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