20 best ways to live a stress free life

Stress Management tips

Stress is like one disturbing thing to listen to in our daily lives. Everyone faces the stress almost every single day. Without this I believe our life is like incompletely… Ha ha Just kidding, But no doubt It has become an inseparable part of our life. No one should ever doubt for If he or she is the only one getting stressful situations however it is not true. Every single human being gets the stress throughout the life and wants a stress free life. Some people show, some do not. It is not like bragging about how stressful your life is.

To overcome and live a stress free life, One should take initiative to get over it. “Deal Stress, Deal Life”. If anyone cracks the code to live the stress free life. OH MY GOD, That human being has just won the half battle to living a successful life. I am not saying one should try every time to get rid of stressful conditions- In essence, Stress at work, Being at higher position worth the stress, Obviously who will pay if you are not willing to take the stress and give the best output.

Frankly speaking- I work best under stressful conditions, It makes my mind work faster than ever. But everyone has different mindsets just need to figure out what works the best for them in different situation. In my career, I have seen many people crying out of tension -Like it is an end of life to them. But Sometime THE GOD puts us in that situation just to test if we are ready to deal with an actual life, right? I will take that as a “YES”.

Stressful situations
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Possible situations which can lead us to stress


Stress at work

Tensions in married life

Getting rejections in the Interviews

Heart broken situations

Sudden death of loved ones

Stress in Examinations

Making career choices

Lose in Businesses, Monetary Problems

There will be a list If I start counting, LOL! Anyway I must go ahead and tell you

How to live a stress free life

Living a stress free life is good for your mental health. Stress only get your unnecessary health problems nothing else. So get rid of it ASAP before It starts eating you. Feeding stress is very dangerous to our overall health.

Once you get into the condition which lead to MR. STRESS. You must think what put you in that. Start Analyzing from the beginning. It comes without asking- Even if one does not ask for it, gets it in the bucket. Once you figure out the root cause. STOP THINKING about that. Find the ways to pull yourself out of the condition and live a stress free life. The question is how? First, take a long breath, Calm your soul down and know if you keep on thinking of the situation, you will get the more of it. So just find the way – Go out, take a walk, talk it out with anyone understanding, Listen to music, or do anything you like. It will give you the little mind relaxing time.

Speaking of Work Stress….

Who does not get it. On our Mother Earth- Every human gets the taste of this, whether you like or not. So talk the stress out with your colleague only If you trust and share a good bond with him or her. The one solution to get rid of this by chit chatting about the matter causing the tension. Secondly , I know this is a bit of situation for someone to get through. But HELLO? Do we have any other choice. “No”, right? Then talk it, leave it or throw it in the dustbin and say “ Oh yeah! You wanna mess with me?”

Stress at workplace
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Another criminal is “Rejections in the Interviews”

This is one of my favorite topics about stress on the list- I have heard from many, responses were pretty heartbreaking and interesting. You want me to share them with you? No, right. If it is a positive, but I am not gonna share it, because the list is too big. Perhaps I can tell you the ways to get through the situations

Take it as a positive sign if you were not selected. There will be plenty of good opportunities for you, just do not worry. Wait for the right moment, you will certainly get the opportunity. But keep on searching and do your hard work. Remember, I am praying for you too, so make your loved ones. It is one step to live stress free life

giving an interview
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Talk to the interviewer in case you get the opportunity to discuss about the rejection, Sometimes it is just they want someone more experienced than you. So do not overthink the situation and get stressed.

Improve your abilities, area of expertise. On the other hand, I must say self improvement is the best thing to do. On the other hand , Always be welcome to learning new things, experience them.

More ways to get rid of stressful situations

Do yoga or meditation. One of the best ways of living stress free life.

Listen to music whenever possible, And dance a bit.

Talk to your parents about the situation whenever possible. The best thing to do, It works very well and brings the positivity to the maximum level.

Go out for a walk, breathe the fresh air. And let the negativity leaves you

woman walking
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You can even work out if you like. I like it personally. I exercise mostly to be stress free.

Think of the happy moments with your friends, family and loved ones.

Go for a swim, Because It  lets you cool down your mind a bit.

In addition, Let go of things, less you think less you get the stress.

I hope, If you made it through here. Wow! You just need a kitkat break, Ha ha so do I. On the happy note. I thank you for reading my post. Please share it if you like and do share your experiences in the comment section.And I believe I have helped you today.

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