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5 Main Home remedies for toddlers

I am very allergic to seasonal flu and my kids have got this from me. I always feel that almost every toddler is prone to influenza, Which often occurs with high fever and results in irritation and lethargy. Therefore every time my… Read More

10 main benefits of walking and swimming

Walking – One of the best natural exercises for the human body, It does not only help in staying fit, but also in Improving cholesterol level of the body. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day to reduce the risk of… Read More

Tips to keep type 2 diabetes in control

Diabetes basically needs a discipline in life to get managed. Discipline in lifestyle and in food intake can certainly help you to manage with type 2 diabetes, If you follow a routine to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack at the same time everyday than managing healthy life with… Read More

Stress managing tips for the healthy mind

Stress Management Stress a deadly word  we face every day in either of our personal or professional life. It’s very important for each one to create a strong mechanism to deal with it, Because It affects our state of mind. According to… Read More

Fitness tips to stay healthy and in good body shape

Fitness is very much important for everyone. Most of the people want to get in proper body shape these days, I have come up with some fitness tips to stay healthy and maintain a good body posture. Drinking water routine After waking… Read More

How does junk food affect our body?

Long ago in 1893, two brothers named Frederick and Louis Rueckheim made a mouth watering mixture of popcorn, peanut and molasses which became an instant hit at Chicago’s world fair. Hence the world was gifted with its first Junk Food item. In the next 20 years, Cracker… Read More